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Success Stories

These testimonials are from recipients of tuition grants from The Nicholas R Rizzi Foundation. These individuals have either already achieved success in their lives or have been able to continue their education due in part to these grants. 


Quinnipiac University Graduate

I am a recent graduate of Quinnipiac University's School of Nursing.  I just started my first job as an Emergency Room Nurse.  I am very grateful for the grants that helped me achieve my goals.  



St. Marcus Lutheran School

A 2010 St. Marcus graduate attended Milwaukee Lutheran High School, where he played on the football team as a defensive back and wide receiver. There, he discovered an environment where peers supported each other rather than dividing into cliques; his fellow football teammates intermingled with all types of students. A Christian, high-quality education was very important for him and his parents. As someone who grew up in the church, he said Milwaukee Lutheran's high standards and loving philosophy were a necessity for his growth.


He attended the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for his freshman year looking to pursue a major in business. During the 2015-2016 school year, his sophomore year, he transferred to Mid-State Technical College to take his general education courses. He is now looking to return to UW-Stevens Point to finish his degree.


Upon graduation, he would like to start a business in Milwaukee because he feels the need to do something for his community. "I know from being in the city that there is a negative connotation, so I want to take what I've been given and give something back to people that haven't had a helping hand in a long time."



St. Marcus Lutheran School

A 2012 St. Marcus student graduated in 2016 from Wisconsin Lutheran High School, where he played defensive end on the football team.


He was supremely tested when, while riding in a friend's car during his senior year, he was involved in a major car accident. He fractured his hip, tore his PCL., and accumulated fluid in his eye. Most students would have understandably faltered. He showed his tenacity by staying in school, making his way across campus on crutches. When ready, he even returned to the weight room so that he could return to athletics someday. The encouragement of his school and family helped him maintain his grades.


He will focus on sports medicine in college this coming year at either Carthage or Wisconsin Lutheran College.


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